Monday, January 23, 2012

Link dump

I just need to dump some links before I lose them!


I intend to travel to northern Sweden later this year for four main reasons:
To see the Nobel Prize announcement
To see the Northern Lights
To experience eternal darkness
To see the ice hotel

Kirkenes Snow Hotel
Guardian Trevel, where to see the Northern Lights


I want to get new flooring for the appartement. (It's currently sporting a rather tasteless industrial style collection of lino tiles. They're cold, hard, they get dusty and they make the appartement look cheap and nasty.)

Home Depot: How to install laminate flooring
DIY Network: How to install laminate flooring


I should probably start a cooking blog too, just to keep nice, healthy and easy recipes.

Reader's Digest: Stuffed peppers (Yes, I finally got around to cooking these. And couscous is surprisingly easy to prepare.)


In order to progress with the yoga I'm going to need to become more flexible with my legs in extension. So by the end of February I'd like to be able to do the splits. How to do the splits

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