Friday, January 13, 2012

Climbing up the walls

Last night I went climbing with Julia, as part of my "never say no to a reasonable bit of exercise" resolution. It was lots of fun. She didn't push too hard, and my boss came too, overcoming his fear of heights. But it left me so tired. I need more upper body strength, more flexibility and more balance. So the yoga should help with the last two, and the gym should help with the first.

I was supposed to be going swimming with Catrin today at lunch, but she cancelled. Good job really, as my body aches and I have a headache (dehydration!) I even woke up late. It looks like climbing really takes it out of me. But that's good for the arm muscles, so it's just telling me I need to work them more.

With all that, it means that I'll have to start Couch To 5K again. No big deal. That's quite fun actually.

To get much further with the yoga I really need to understand what I'm doing, so I updated my Amazon account and ordered some books online. The shipping was as much as the books though! Shocking. Then again, the books were cheap enough.

And another resolution to add to the list: Always have lunch with other people. Last year I got into the habit of taking my lunch back to my desk, which was not good. I generally didn't do any work while eating, but I was focused on saving time. Not this year. This year is about learning to let go of the work when it's not immediately in front of me.

Tasks for this weekend:
Join a gym
Get some curtains for my room and the spare room
Sort out a shopping ritual

Oh, and it looks like we're going skiing on Sunday. Petrified. But it will be fun. Another reason to work on my balance and flexibility.

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