Monday, January 9, 2012

A good day

So far today has been quite good!

Getting up at 8:00am was a bit hard, so I slept in until the 3rd alarm (8:20am.) Naughty, but not too bad.

I then did the morning yoga, had a healthy breakfast and started Couch to 5K. That advanced me three levels on Fitocracy and I'm almost at level 5 already!

All in all it seems to take about two hours between getting up, doing yoga, having breakfast, changing into jogging clothes, performing Couch to 5K, showering and getting dressed. Good to know. If I want to be at CERN by 10:00am (avoiding traffic) then getting up at 8:00am is about right. Breakfast happens to be a good chance to catch up with news on BBC Worldwide, which is nice.

I finally got my green plates attached to my car today (very efficient, cheap and easy, which was nice.) And I got to keep the old white plates, so they're going up on the wall somewhere. And I got the red triangle for the car. Apart from renewing the insurance for 2012, the car is all up to date and the next steps involve making it look and feel a bit more awesome.

And I did it all in French. Not good French, but at least I tried.

The reading has started too. Last night I started A Tale of Two Cities, by Dickens, and so far it's a good read. So I'm happy about what's been achieved today. A much more positive attitude and less putting off of things.

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