Sunday, January 8, 2012

First few days

Not a great start to the year, but not a terrible one either.

I couldn't sleep the first night I was back. (Well I collapsed on the sofa and then woke up half an hour later and failed to get to sleep in bed.) Instead I wrote the first blog post about how I'm going to change my life. I went back to bed at 3:00am and woke up at 12:00. I think I needed that sleep, so that's okay!

I did better last night, but it wasn't perfect. Moritz came over for some food, beers and a DVD. I got to bed at about 1:30am and woke up at 9:00am. Bonus points for being sociable. Less bonus points for drinking a beer before bed and getting to bed so late.

New rules for sleep though. From now on no work in the bedroom, no shoes in the bedroom. I got out a pair of pajamas to wear for bed and only bed. No matter how tired I am I must remember to change into them! No more science reading in bed. Instead I read a couple of speeches by Winston Churchill. He was a very eloquent man. More sleep changes to come.

Performed some yoga yesterday and today. I'm easing myself into the exercise, starting with some stretches. I can't do much harm with yoga! So the bedroom is now for just sleep, yoga and getting dressed.

I've also signed up for Fitocracy, which is a website that let's you keep track of fitness. It gives you points for each exercise you perform and then you get to level up. It's supposed to make exercise fun, and so far it looks like it is! Achievement based rewards are underrated.

I've been speaking to mum about Couch to 5K, which is a series of podcasts from the NHS, and it looks like a good place to start some cardio. Once I've digested my breakfast I'll do my first 30 minute session.

Actually I can't leave the flat just yet, because my landlord is coming to pick one of my sofas. He was supposed to take it with him 18 months ago, but didn't for some reason. It's actually a good thing, because it's so large and I need to remove some furniture from the living room in order to make the most of the space. At least that fits into plan to improve my living environment!

Today I'll be mostly working on physics, putting up some pictures and generally tidying up, then making either a curry or a pie. I've stocked up on bread, fruit, veg and yoghurt, so I can snack on things if I need to, and for now I don't plan on being a food Nazi.

I also took a look at at fights to New York for July 4th. Yikes, they're expensive. I definitely want to go to New York, and sometime before Burton leaves there. Perhaps later this year.

I chatted to Moritz last night and he suggested I take up the guitar or bass. That sounds like a reasonable idea. Anything to stimulate the right side of my brain. Not just yet though. One step at a time.

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